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In Stitches:
Sewing in the heart of Swansea

Time to dust off that sewing machine and learn to make some fabulous things.  From cushions and curtains to handbags and hats, you can learn to sew it yourself.  Or maybe fashion is your thing?  A new wardrobe for you, waistcoats for the man in your life, or darling tiny items for the littlest member of your family - all designed and made by you!

Join me at one of my brand new classes in Swansea, and I will help you to gain the skills you need to create wonderful things - whatever you want to make, there is a class for you. 

Choose from the range of classes below - or contact me to arrange something special.


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The Sewing Classes

Conveniently based in Swansea's Artistic Quarter, In Stitches classes take place at Swansea Community Workshops and are taught by Becky.

We teach "home sewing": that peculiar hybrid mix of industrial and tailoring techniques your grandmother (or maybe her mother) used to make clothes for her family and decor for her home.  There are also classes in crochet, knitting, embroidery and hand stitching.

Sewing machines are available on site, and we encourage you to reuse fabrics you may have (old duvet covers are great!), where possible.  However, we will also have a supply of fabric available to purchase prior to classes starting, if you prefer.

Gallery of work made by my amazing learners

"That is very nice, Becky.  Thank you."

My Mum


"Could you make another 3 more before school tomorrow?"


"Well, I dunno anything about clothes really"

Youngest Son

"I guess."

My husband

"Uh.  Maybe we could make a real metal helmet to go with it.  As long as it looks authentic."

Eldest Son.

Contact Me

Contact Me

Want to know more?  Need something a bit different?  Just wanna say "Hi!"?  You can use this form to get in touch with me.

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